Dreams And Visions That Change Your Life- Mariko Patrick

Dreams and Visions was an excellent, Holy Spirit inspired, message by Mariko Patrick.  Mariko explained how

April Baptism Service Coming Up!

If you haven't been baptized, you need to be. Our Lord Jesus directed us to be baptized once we believe.

Victory Baby Dedications This Sunday

Sunday, 22 March, Victory Word Church will have a baby dedication.

At Victory, Baby Dedication is parents


The Power Of The Name

Would you like to be strong? Do you want to be able to be ready for anything? Well, you’ve got to know the

To Be Offended

Have you ever been offended? Someone may have made a comment about how your were dressed or how someone in

Make Your Bible Your Mirror

In the 4th grade my father received a promotion at his job. With that promotion he had to move our family to