Glorious day at Victory! 9 People Baptized!

Praise God! Today was a great day at church today. The service was opened by the lovely husband and wife

Special Service This Sunday!  Water Baptism and Pool

This Sunday we have a special schedule.  We’ll be holding another great baptism service for those who want

Powerful Holy Spirit Meeting At Victory Word Today

Today, Sunday, was an amazing service. Kayvin opened the service with Deuteronomy 28. Lord, let your


Playing the Hypocrite

As a church or ministry grows it draws more and more people. And just as when you light a lantern out in the

Put Your Soul Into It

I repented and received Jesus at a denominational church in Aloha Oregon in 1978. It was an awesome

Good Teachers, Good Students

JESUS is coming back soon. Are you ready? He is coming back for a church that is without spot or wrinkle.