Amazing Worship At Tokyo’s Victory Word Church

Amazing worship at Victory Today,

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Victory Bible Reading- 28 Sept

Check out this week's reading.  If you miss a day, just keep on with the next day.  Your faith becomes

Have you got a QOTW? Have You Got A Bible Question Of The Week ?

Have you got a Bible related question or a question about life that you have always been wanting to ask? 


Blessings From What You’ve Got

“Pastor, if only I win the lottery I will give more to God’s house and do more ministry related work” is

Standing In The Gap

Standing in the gap. This is what you and I need to do for the people in the darkness around us. We are the

A Name Changing Experience

A man or woman of God walking in faith is one of the most powerful things on earth. If you read Hebrews 11,