Jesus Is Risen!  Celebrate Resurrection Day This Sunday!

Jesus is risen! Join Us Sunday for Easter Resurrection.

He died for us and went to hell so we wouldn't

Victory Bible Reading 13 April

Praise the Name of Jesus!  

Read This Everyday- Make It Yours-
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ローマ 8:1

A Message From The US For Victory Word Church Tokyo!

A Message From the United States to VWC-

I thank The Lord for your church and the vision of reaching the


When Sin Is Sin

Created within us is a desire to know God. We read about that in Romans 1 about how people actually deny God.

Avoiding The Mess

I can’t imagine living in the world without Jesus. Enduring power is not physical, it is spiritual.

Secrets From God

Walking the streets of any major city, you tend to find fortune tellers or other people trying to make money