Victory Baby Dedications This Sunday

Sunday, 22 March, Victory Word Church will have a baby dedication.

At Victory, Baby Dedication is parents

Like To Sing, Here’s Your Chance! Karaoke Sunday At Victory Koshigaya

If you like to sing and have a hard time gathering a crowd, then you'll love Karaoke Sunday.  You have a

慕い求めます -ビクトリーワードチャーチ

慕い求めます -ビクトリーワードチャーチ from Victory Word Church on Vimeo.


Dealing With the Generational Curses

God is so gracious. The whole reason that Jesus came us to cleanse of from sin (from the wrongs that keep us

The Way, Can A Believer Lose It?

Wow! We live in a vile world. People tend to put themselves first above others. If they think if something

Put Him In Remembrance

As I dive deeper and deeper into the Word each year, I see how inseparable reading the Word (the Bible),