7/19 Pastor’s Message

Do you know why Mary Magdalene became free?
It is because she wanted freedom.
She decided to believe and

7/12 Pastor’s Message

You must believe.
By believing, you are free, and have hope.
The Bible says that those who believe are

Pastor Spencer In Tel Aviv Sharing His Thoughts on Israel

Check out Pastor Spencer's video from Tel Aviv Israel.  He shares his thoughts on the birthplace on


The Power Of Love

There are many songs and motion pictures proclaiming ‘the power of love’. The man who went back to save

Is It Wrong To Be Angry?

Here in Mark we see that Jesus our Lord got angry. Why did He get angry? He knew that religious leaders in

How Do I Honor My Parents?

I have described, as a pastor, how we have many people come to us with marital issues. Many misunderstandings