Make Time For The Eternal King, Watch Your Life Change

When you make time for God, He makes your day more effective.  When you make time for God, He speaks to you

If You Ask, God Has More Wisdom Than You Can Imagine

Do you need wisdom for something?  Everyone does.  Wisdom and knowledge are very different.  You can know

God Has Made Us Rich In His Love

God has made us rich in so much.  He has made us rich in health, rich in finances (when we trust and rely


The Knowledge Prosperity Connection

This is a powerful statement from Yahweh. “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge...” My parents

The Forgiveness Factor

One of the worst roots of trouble in the lives of people is unforgiveness. People get offended by this or

Who Blinked First?

Jesus healed many who were sick, raised the dead, helped all those who wanted freedom from the oppression of