Today is FIFTY At Victory!

Today we celebrate 50!  Fifty what?
Is pastor 50 years old?  No, much younger.  wink  Do we have 50 branch

God Has Done Everything To Make Us Rich

2コリント 8:9

Victory Word Overnighter August 21-22

Come join us for an "ikinari" August trip to the mountains with members of the Victory family.  We will be


Two Coins & The Law Of Reciprocity

My parents bought me a study Bible when I was in middle school. It was very nice because it had a wonderful

What’s Behind The Shrine?

Yesterday, as I was coming home from church I saw an older man walk into a little shrine in the neighborhood.

The Origin Of Hell And The Enemy Condemned To It

Hell is a real place. It is dark, it is smells, and there is eternal suffering, fighting, and pain, because