What Are You Here For?  What Is Your Purpose To Exist?

Every human being is born, lives for some 60, 80, and if you are special over 100 years old.  But what

Spring Picnic This Sunday

This Sunday we'll celebrate Jesus.  We'll worship, we'll praise, we'll have the power and  presence of God

Victory Spring Picnic May 24th!

Join us for the Spring Church Picnic.  Bring a bento as we go outside and celebrate in the local park. 


Joy In His Presence

Do you feel unsettled in your spirit? Are you emotionally upset? Is something bothering you? Are you


Life is a rhythm. It is all about keeping in that rhythm. When you are flowing in that rhythm you are

Signs, Believing, & Purity

As a believer, our role model is Jesus the Messiah. Of course, we can admire pastors, teachers, evangelists,