Make Time For The Eternal King, Watch Your Life Change

When you make time for God, He makes your day more effective.  When you make time for God, He speaks to you

If You Ask, God Has More Wisdom Than You Can Imagine

Do you need wisdom for something?  Everyone does.  Wisdom and knowledge are very different.  You can know

God Has Made Us Rich In His Love

God has made us rich in so much.  He has made us rich in health, rich in finances (when we trust and rely


A Name Like No Other

He had just been carried out by some of the Japanese pastors and a couple of the Americans that were on a

Got the Picture?

In the King James version of the Bible, the old English translation translates arguments as imaginations. It

The Covenant & The House

Someone may say, “Ah, I am tired I had a hard week. I am going to sleep late on Sunday.” Others may say,