Victory on Sunday was fantastic. Pastor preached an encouraging message called Strong Faith. He shared how God doesn’t want you blown around by every fad that the world follows, by doubt, and He wants you to succeed.
Following the service, people brought food to celebrate the first birthday of one of the little baby boys at Victory. We also celebrated the 18th birthdays of one of the first girls at VWC.
Two more people were saved on Sunday. It was wonderful. One of the people who accepted Jesus was a man. It was his first time to a strong faith church. When he left the church building he told his friend that brought him, “I feel so different”. Praise God!
The Bible says that whomever is in Jesus is a new creation, a new creature, a brand new spirit. That’s exactly what he experienced.
At the end of the service a couple of the men explained what the church was planing in the new year. Day Hikes, water Baptisms, a Worship Seminar, a concert, the Victory Theater and even a couple of camps.

Buckle your seatbelt and get ready for a fun ride. When you connect with Victory Word Church you are going to go places. Hallelujah!