One word from God will change your life forever.

Victory Word Church has one vision: To share the message of salvation through Jesus Christ with all of Japan. We want each person to come to know the Jesus that we know. A Christ that is approachable, personable, compassionate and full of joy. We want people to know how to over come the problems that we face in every day life through the word of God.

Victory Word Church is a growing Spirit-filled church and ministry established in 2005. Our vision is to be a large, lively church family in Japan. We are growing in Japan both as a church, but more importantly as individuals. We are a dynamic group church filled with the power of the Holy Spirit. Most importantly we are a big fun-loving family of God.

Our purpose is to share the powerful love of God through Jesus Christ with the people of Japan. Our services are held on Sundays with meetings throughout the week around Tokyo.

Come this Sunday, enjoy the great music and listen to a life-changing message in a friendly atmosphere.

To see some of our other exciting ministries and meetings, please visit our “Events” section of this website here. There is something for everyone!

If you have any questions about VWC, please feel free to contact us at anytime.

See you Sunday!