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Saturday Night Prayer

Join us for all church prayer, this Saturday night! It’s time to change our circumstances. It’s time to change our family. It’s time to change our nation for Jesus!

How To Read Through The Bible This Year

Download The Bible Reading Plan 2019!

Read through the Word of God with us! Read through the Word of God with Us. For the Bible, the better you know the Word of God, the better you shall know the God of the Word. Download here.

Victory Place -Prayer Of Dedication For Church Building

Dear Heavenly Father, Creator of Heaven and Earth We thank you for giving us a place to worship You. Father, we thank you for teaching us how to live and walk by faith. Father, we praise you that this building is not the end, but it is just the beginning.  You moved on the hearts […]

Strong Family Seminar (SFS) -Starting Soon!

To get a drivers license, we must study the laws, practice driving, and take a test.  To get a marriage license it’s a lot easier, you just go to the city hall and register.  Many people are not prepared and some are not qualified for marriage, but that doesn’t have to be the case. Victory […]