Easter is absolutely the most important holiday in the world. Why? This is the Sunday in the Spring each year we set to celebration the resurrection. What is resurrection? It is the coming back from the dead.

Jesus the Christ (Messiah) was crucified by the religious people through the Roman hanging a person on a cross. His body was taken down and put into a tomb.

On the third day, Jesus rose from the dead. He appeared to hundreds and told them to tell the whole world,
1) God loves them and has a plan for them
2) Turn away from your sin
3) Come to God by accepting the work of Jesus.

Jesus died and went to hell for us so that we never have to. Jesus made us right before God. Hallelujah! Easter is Resurrection Day!

This Sunday-
930AM Band Practice
11AM Rez Day Worship
1330PM Water Baptisms

If you have not been baptized, bring a swimsuit and a unbranded or simple (preferably white) t-shirt to wear and towel. Get baptized and declare your covenant with God through Jesus.

Following the baptism at the local pool, we will be swimming and enjoying the pool together.  Bring a suit and a towel!

Every day, I have victory because every Sunday, I’m at Victory!