On Sunday morning, in early morning prayer, the Lord changed Pastor’s message completely. It was supposed to be a completely different area but the Lord has been speaking to Pastor Spencer about helping build the family.
Pastor was impressed to look at the small book of Ruth in the Old Testament. That began a study that shows not only the love story of a man and woman, but the core workings of healthy thinking to make a successful family.
We’re excited to announce that Pastor will be doing a 4 part series on Building A Strong Family- The Story of Ruth and Boaz. Come and explore how you can

  • Build a strong family right where you are
  • Better Understand How To Use Your Faith To Change Your Situation
  • Delve into the relationship between a man and woman, and make sure you understand the opposite sex so that you can build relationships that last

Don’t miss this chance to understand what the you need to do to build a strong family. This is just for the next 4 weeks.
See you on Sunday!

You can check out the first message here.