As business travelers, we’ve been to churches all over the world.  We’ve seen some that are dead and boring, and others that use lights and fog machines like a rock concert.  What really should our churches be like?
The Best Place On Earth
Church is really the best place on earth.  Why?  The Church of Jesus Christ is the church of God.  The Church of Jesus Christ is not perfect, but it should be striving to be.  The church should be overflowing with the love of God.  Whether you’re in Tokyo or Toronto, Beijing or Buffalo, Sydney or Stockholm, you’re going to see the same Holy Spirit in the church.
When people go to church, they should never feel threatened or pushed to do something against their will.  As a minister, we know that when we preach the Holy Spirit convicts people.  Many times, we don’t know how the Holy Spirit is dealing with people but He is.  People need to respond but sometimes people need to a small push.
Never Airing Dirty Laundry
At the Brownsville Revival, we saw people leave sexual sin, witchcraft, crime, lying and other deadly sins as the preachers gave the word under the power of the Holy Spirit. It was powerful.  However, NEVER should a minister or any person in charge of a meeting pressure people at the meeting to respond by pressure that is carnal.
Nor should people have their personal issues shared around the church.  The Holy Spirit is personal. In Bible school, we are taught that we should let the Holy Spirit deal with sin and in never air details of people’s personal issues.  Simply put, the Holy Spirit never airs people’s dirty laundry in public.  The Holy Spirit is never about embarrassing people, and neither should we be.
Why is the church the best place on Earth?
The church is the best place on Earth because of the Holy Spirit.  People should be convicted to turn from their sin, but people should also feel comfortable, welcome, and at peace when they visit a passionate church.  So many times we’ve heard people visit Victory Word Center and say, “We’ve finally found home!”
Victory is a passionate church.  The Victory family loves God, and because of that love, we love people.
Show your passion for God and show your passion for people.  Religious people condemn and are hypocritical, but Christians are not religious.
Jesus people love and let the Holy Spirit convict by the preaching of the uncompromised Word of God.  Tell someone about Jesus today and watch what the Holy Spirit will do through you!