Praise God! Today was a great day at church today. The service was opened by the lovely husband and wife team, Daisy and Yuji. Christina led the worship in Japanese and English.

Following the worship, pastor invited those whom have not been baptized to get baptized following the service. Pastor taught on Praying with Power in the forth part of this series. Pastor talked about how prayer is what makes Christians different. Jesus taught us to have a private time with God. To have a private room or special place where we make time to be with God.

He also shared that standing in the street to get attention and repeating or chanting the same things is what Jesus says is the practice of religious hypocrites. Jesus did not like religious people because they told everyone to do something and they did something else.

Before we shuttled people in 5 cars to baptism, Yoko and the team give the growing group of children a fun story and a number of kids songs. Praise God for a Strong Faith church in Japan.