2017 is the year of prosperity for all those who are willing to open that door

At the beginning of the year, a powerful message was shared by Pastor’s wife Mariko.

Mariko has seen visions of several doors and its keys at the end of the year.
“The Lord opens the door and is waiting for us, approaching God through that door. That’s up to you!”
In the New Year, Job 36:32 talks about how God will throw a lot of lightning bolts of power to us. It is a tremendously large, strong power … it is healing, it’s God’s economy and prosperity…
It’s all we need and more. God will give you a miracle to receive it when you believe. But, that has conditions. Through the door must be opened, and you must enter inside. Entering those doors is to forcefully and strongly seek God!
“I am the gate. If anyone enters through me, I can be saved.”(John 10:9)

Whether you will receive the message from God is completely up to you! ️