Sex is something wonderful which God has created.

Pastor Spencer had previously prepared a sermon, yet that topic being fully changed by what he had felt the Holy Spirit was calling him to address.

“Sex is something that God has designed. Something between the spirit and spirit, where a new spirit will be born. It is not something that is merely physical. That is where a great amount of misunderstanding has been taking place.”

In times like we have now, whether it is of stories of elementary school students getting hooked onto pornography, or having many relations before the idea of marriage, or even cheating on your spouse who you have promised to be faithful to, we have become numb, as our morals have been diminished to what the world has considered to be the “norm”.

We must learn not to let go of our morals, yet understand and follow what the Bible says, and live according to the WORD. Victory will continue to preach what is from the Bible, and what stands true as scripture tells us.

Thank you Jesus for a wonderful week ahead! Hallelujah!