If you weren’t at Victory, you missed a powerful move of the Holy Spirit.  God wants to be a part of our lives and wants us to show His light to the people around us.

Sunday worship finished then pastor showed a video of a tent revival that happened in Mexico.  People came from all over to get a touch from God.  You could see God’s power evident on the people.

Following the video, pastor talked about how the same amazing God who works in Mexico wants to work in Japan.  God wants revival in Japan.  Pastor spoke prophetically as he shared that revival comes through a people that humble themselves and seek God.

Pastor said he had a message prepared but that God had a different message for us this Sunday.  We are to seek Him, humble ourselves, and let Him move in our lives.  Pastor spoke that there are people who needed to get rid of some spiritual trash in their lives.  People needed to release the garbage so they could move on.  We began worshipping again and the presence of God was very strong.  People came forward for prayer, to confess sin, and get right with God.  God spoke to people directly through prophetic words and words of knowledge by pastor as he prayed.  To young men came in and accepted Jesus on the spot.  Praise God.

God wrecked the whole service, it was amazing.  What we planned was put aside for what God needed to do… what people needed to do.  God is going to do greater things.  Even greater is coming.