This morning in my prayer time at church I completed spending some time just waiting on the Lord. I opened my Bible and just started reading. The verses that hit me were

“ Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives, and he who seeks finds, and to him who knocks it will be opened.
-Matthew 7:7-8

I felt I should stop and read these verses again. Out loud. The Lord stopped me and said, “You want to hear more from Me?” You can’t by what you’re doing now. You’re not asking, you’re not seeking, and you‘re definitely not knocking. I was blown away. Want to know why you aren’t hearing from God? This is it!

Of course, I’m a minister I pray all the time but my prayer time has become a bit scattered recently. That means I haven’t been talking to the Father as much therefore not asking Him for anything as I’ve not been with Him as much.

My daily prayer routine recently has not been so ‘daily’ or at least the quality has not been there. The cares of this world distract. Instead of making a unalterable commitment to fellowship with the Father each day, an early morning phone call, a late night before requiring more sleep, a quick trip to the gym and various other things were taking me away from seeking Him. As I wasn’t seeking Him as much, I wasn’t finding Him. Frankly, I was making more unnecessary mistakes in day to day life that a Sprit-filled Christian need not make.

But what about that ‘knocking’ from Mathew 7:7? The thing about someone knocking on your door is that you know that they want something. They are initiating a talk with you. I changed my prayer time from my home study room to our church building. I am now at our church building every morning because I decided I WILL SERVE THE LORD. By getting to our House Of Worship every morning, I have decided no matter what happens I will be prioritizing my relationship with the Lord over human relationships, phone calls, staying up late, going to the gym or doing some other work out. All that stuff can wait because that doesn’t build my inner man. It doesn’t help when trouble comes or decisions have to be made.

But knocking on the door of Heaven and putting myself into God’s presence every morning will give me the wisdom for beating spiritual attack, making great financial decisions, and most importantly it will put me in the position to hear God’s voice.

Are you hearing from God each day? It could be for the same reasons as this pastor. It’s time to SEEK Him, ASK Him, and knock on that door of getting into His presence.

-Much love, Pastor Spencer