Muji_YurakuchoWednesday the Yurakucho Life had a great Bible study and time together at the Yurakucho Loft’s Muji Cafe. We finished up John chapter 4 and went to Bethesda in John chapter 5. At the pools in Bethesda we saw a handicapped man who was waiting at the pool side for 38 years. The area was filled with sick and physically challenged people. Bethesda actually means “house of mercy”, something like an infirmary or hospital. The area was filled with sick people.
God can see those who have faith and those who don’t. Those who have expectation that their situation can change and those who are filled doubt and unbelief. Jesus went to the man, asked him if he wanted to be healed and them asked him to stand. The guy had a choice, stand or sit there in the past and doubt. He stood.

Interesting the religious people were more concerned about the guy carrying around his futon on the Sabbath day than rejoicing for someone getting healed after being in pain and suffering for 38 years.

Religion is ugly and all about rules and keeping traditions. God is looking for people with faith. When you believe and act, you will see God move in your life!

See you Wednesday in Yurakucho!