3 March 2013

Last week our guest Pastor prayed for various people after the service.  One 10 year old girl who has been attending Victory with her family for about 5 years came up for prayer after being encouraged by her mom to see healing.  We asked her if she knew Jesus and she replied that she wasn't sure so she accepted the Lord on the spot.

When asked what she needed healing for, she replied, saying that she was itchy all over her body with some type of skin disorder.  We prayed for her, and the week after, she quietly told the pastor`s wife,  “I'm well now”.

Pastor heard about it and called her forward and interviewed the 10 year old girl right after the worship band finished.  He asked when she started having skin trouble.  She said she had skin issue from when she was small.  He asked what was different.  She said the skin problems were gone.

Praise God!  Skin disorders healed by faith in our God whose mercies endure forever and ever.  Tell someone about what the Lord has done for you today!