On Sunday, Pastor Spencer talked about Kind Words.  The full title of the message is “Kind Words That Change People”.  Following Jesus is all about knowing Him, but it is also about introducing people to Him.

Every single one of us has said something bad about something or someone.  It is important to say it as it is.  However, we need to have discernment, as sometimes it is better to say nothing.

Pastor shared how on Sunday morning the message on “The Elect”, he had prepared was changed by the Holy Spirit as he awoke on his bed that day to the message on Kind Words.
Pastor Spencer challenged us to be more careful about what we say.  If it is just nagging or repeating the same thing over and over that doesn’t build people up, it’s time to be quiet.  This is something that all of us need to watch all the time.  When you and your family begin to sense a discussion going somewhat negative about people that is the time to remind each other by just saying two words, “Kind Words”.  It can be your secret code to help everyone.

You can hear Spencer’s message here in Japanese and English.  You can also seem some of the Bible passages Pastor shared on his personal blog here.