Today we celebrate 50!  Fifty what?
Is pastor 50 years old?  No, much younger. 
Do we have 50 branch churches now?  Not yet.  Have we got 50 kids in kids church?  That’s coming.  But something bigger.

Today is the 50th broadcast of “A Word Of Faith”! Pastor calls it AWOF.  Pastor was led by the Holy Spirit to record a daily word of encouragement for you to build you up and strengthen you in your faith.  He’s recorded these videos in Tokyo, Jerusalem, by the Dead Sea, on the Sea of Galilee, in Tel Aviv, Jaffa, and even in Saitama!  People from all over the world.

Leah in Washington state says, The Word of Faith videos have been really helpful to me.  I just started watching them last night.  Thank you! God is so good, and as Mariko once said to me, He is so faithful!
I am grateful to be experiencing Him more.  Thank you for your ministry!

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Need to lift yourself up?  Check out AWOF today on Youtube or Vimeo.  Today’s 50th broadcast is here on Youtube

You can see all 50 broadcasts here.

Also, special thank you for all of you that are bringing friends to church each Sunday.  We are seeing families restored, people accepting Jesus, and couples praying together now.  God is working as we act in faith!  He is so good!

See you Sunday!