It has been a pleasure serving Jesus with you since we founded Victory together in 2004.c


Dear Victors,

It has been a pleasure serving Jesus with you since we founded Victory together in 2004.

In 2010, we really want to reach out more to people.  To be very frank, financially, the church has some limitations as we have the expenses of the rent, air conditioning, electricity, printing of flyers, new signs, food, communion, Bibles, and all sorts of other things that cost Victory each month.  On top of that, we would like to be able to temporarily help out fellow victors as needed. Currently, we have no paid staff so there are no funds going to support the Victory staff.  We are all volunteers so there is no waste.  Financially, things are tight and I think it is time that we all change that.

As our first step to reach people for Jesus, we would like to rent a bit more space and restart Victory Kids.  We have a couple of requests-

1) Would you consider faithfully giving your tithe each month?  If every Victor faithfully gives their tithes each month we can do more here in Japan.  Besides that, you can know that God can bless you. (Malachi 3:10).  When the resources come in, we will rent extra space for our children.

2) Would you consider doing some type of ministry to the Lord?  For example, if you have a child that you would like to have at Victory Kids, you could volunteer once a month to help teach the children?  You could also help with ushering, follow up with visitors, pray for sick in the hospital, visit relatives of church members, help with worship, help with cleaning and managing the facility… there are so many things that need to be done to make people feel at home when they visit Victory.

God will bless what we do. If we do nothing how can He bless us?

Victory is going to the next level.  With your participation, we can fulfill our destiny to change this nation for Jesus.  Please be a faithful giver of your tithes and your time.  I am believing for 100-fold return for everything I give to come back to my house.  You can too!

Our desire is to seek the Lord God Almighty with all of spirit, soul, and bodies.

I am personally excited about 2010 and the expansion we can do for His Kingdom!  We can start with expanding our space and taking care of our own children.

Thank you so much to those who are at Victory each Sunday and serving the Lord.  This is a call to all of us to make a difference.